Collaboration Team

We have invited many leaders and experts across the U.S. to participate on a Collaboration Team that helps with many aspects of the RJUC. Approximately 300 pastors, leaders, and researchers have volunteered to participate, including many of the nation's leading experts. Please see the map for their locations. We are thrilled to have a diverse, highly qualified group helping with the center.

Some details about the team:

  1. 58% are pastors and/or have their doctorate
  2. 22% have written a book on race/ethnicity
  3. 64% have at least one year of experience leading a multiracial organization
  4. 48% have conducted research on race/ethnicity
  5. 42% black, 34% white, 11% Latino, 16% Asian, 5% other

Interested in Joining?

If you are interested in serving on the Collaboration Team, please contact us. Please include a description of your experience and education in regard to working toward racial justice and unity and why you are motivated to join the team.

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