Josh Ganados

Minnetonka, MN

Meet Josh Ganados

Over 6 years, I've trained school leaders/counselors, local youth workers and co-workers with how to best serve BIPOC students and the gaps and disparities that are present for them in majority-white suburbs in MN. As the DEI Director I serve our ministry (70 staff) as an IDI QA and intercultural ministry coach that coaches, trains and guides our staff towards cultural competency and racial equity. I've led initiatives in the org addressing equity in our hiring process, org structure, board, training, and ministry practices over the past. I create a project called "Surviving in the Suburbs: Growing Up Black In A Majority White Community." This project focuses on our alumni as they share their experiences with school, housing, money, family, and community and I have trained churches, ministries, non-profits and schools with this. I serve as a coach and consultant to our executive team and board in DEI. I also have helped launch a ministry focused on racial harmony (Catalyst For Harmony)

Areas of Expertise

Christian Colleges
Christian K-12 School
Individual 1 on 1 coaching
Other Organizations



Rodrick Tolen
Founder - TEAM Health Sports
Josh partnered with TEAM Health Sports and Minnetonka High School activities office by leading an equity training for the coaches at Minnetonka High School over the course of the summer in 2021. During the training Josh led us through documentary series called Surviving in the Suburbs, that help help develop during his time at TreeHouse. Josh led us in one virtual group session and one in person group session. During this time Josh led us to understand the importance of equity in our infrastructure. This training led to conversation around awareness or lack of and realization of how important it is as coaches to understand our impact and part in equity work. Josh left us with the charge to commit to the work of equity by putting systems and people in place to support the work. Others should consider Josh's services because he leads with authenticity and care. The work training allowed people to be open and honest about their experience and how it plays out in their work.
Nick Doble
Staff Associate - Young Life
Josh helped our team learn how to serve BIPOC students the high school we serve, which is predominatly white. Josh's leadership throughout our time together stirred up conversation, was a great teacher, and challenged our leaders to think critically about how we are doing ministry. Josh has an ability to draw people into the conversation without being hostile or shameful. My volunteers were able to ask real questions they were thinking because they felt safe to do so. Because we had a safe place to speak and ask questions, my team grew exponentially in their CQ. Josh also asks great questions; that is a very simple, but very important skill. Other people should consider Josh's service because he is a smart, passionate, gentle, thoughtful leader. With the growth of my team, the changes I have seen to their care and service to BIPOC students, and even to the way we approach ministry, I would recommend Josh to any area in Young Life and beyond that would want to grow in racial equity.
Peter Frost
Pastor - Brookdale Covenant Church
The Humility, Mercy, and Justice team at our church was in need of training in the area of Racial Righteousness, specifically our understanding of how racism impacts students in our community and ways in which we could show up and make a difference. Josh coached us through a 6 week series that educated and mobilized us around this issue. Josh was excellent. He is an expert at understanding the experience of BIPOC students in suburban communities, and it showed. He was able to help us see things in ourselves that we had not yet become aware of, as well as humbly listen and help us hear what Jesus was saying to us, individually and as a group. If you are looking to growing in your understanding of how followers of Jesus are compelled by the gospel to engage in the work of Racial Righteousness, this training is for you. Josh's humble approach, informed and thoughtful presentation, and attentiveness to the Holy Spirit's leading will amplify the impact God wants to have in and through you.

Work Experience

Strategic Director
Catalyst For Harmony - Minneapolis
September 2021 - Current
Catalyst For Harmony is focused on accelerating biblically-rooted and gospel-fueled discipleship in racial harmony and justice to promote greater unity in the Body of Christ. I have helped lead strategy for org development, training, content, and partnerships. I have served our first client in developing a 2-year plan focused on discipleship, coaching and experiences that will grow their staff in greater racial harmony and oneness. I have managed the project and served as a coach and trainer for the organization. My primary role is overseeing org strategy to increase partnerships, effectiveness, and multiplication.
Director of Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion
TreeHouse - Minneapolis
November 2020 - May 2022
At TreeHouse over the last 2 years I have served internally and externally as community advocate for racial equity. My role is to serve our staff, 60+ sites, community partners, executive team, board and volunteers by coaching, guiding, training, and equipping them with the needed resources to growth, implement and increase effectiveness in their intercultural spaces. I also oversee our staff support (affinity groups and mental health resources for BIPOC staff). I have served as a lead on our DEI Steering Committee for 3 years and have coached our youth workers in culturally competent youth ministry. I have created resources, guides, and plan for staff in their spiritual formation that emphasize the discipleship of racial justice and harmony. I created and led plan for our org in pursuing DEI and racial justice over 4 years. I reviewed and implemented ministry models with priorities on cultural competence, community development, and racial equity. I restructured and revamped organization recruiting, hiring and training processes to include DEI lens. Worked with HR on hiring practices, interview questions and equitable employment experiences. Worked with board on DEI at the board level and the make-up and buy-in at the board level.
Area Director
TreeHouse - Minnetonka
September 2015 - November 2020
Partnered with local middle schools and high schools leading in-school mentoring, emotional/mental check-ins, and Men of Color groups for BIPOC students. Trained and partnered with school leaders, coaches and counselors to better serve students of color in their emotional and mental health. Recruited BIPOC staff to better serve BIPOC student population in local context. Our site became a community space for many BIPOC youth and this naturally created a bridge to help assist the school and community in serving families and BIPOC youth with relationships, resources and opportunities. Trained and partnered with local youth pastors/leaders on how to serve BIPOC youth in our community. Trained volunteers towards cultural competency in their mentoring relationships. Trained and worked with church host staff on serving BIPOC families and youth in the community. Created leadership opportunities for BIPOC interns and staff within the organization. Serve on DEI committee and teams to help organization efforts with employee engagement, recruiting, ministry effectiveness and addressing barriers to hiring.


Bachelors - Biblical & Theological Studies with Greek Emphasis
Crown College (MN) - St. Bonifacius, MN
August 2010 - Current


Surviving In The Suburbs: Growing Up Black In Majority White Communities

I co-led the creation and execution of project in 2020. Surviving In The Suburbs is a 6-episode video series that focuses on listening and reflecting together on the experiences of four Black young adults as they discuss growing up in the Twin Cities suburbs. We believe for suburban youth ministry to reach its full potential youth workers and volunteers need to hear, understand, and reflect on the stories and the voices of marginalized teens in their communities. I have led this cohort/training experience for hundreds of people over the past 2 years. You can also preview the first episode here:
AACC - Hispanic / Latinx Heritage Month

I was interviewed in 2021 by a colleague on Hispanic / Latnix Heritage Month to share my experiences and perspective.
Training: A Great Multitude: Changes in MN Suburbs

I researched and created a training for youth workers in MN focusing on the census changes of BIPOC families and youth in the suburbs, the disparities that BIPOC Minnesotans face, and ways forward for the church.