The Racial Justice and Unity Center

Helping you to make progress toward racial justice and unity

Many Christians want to work toward racial justice and unity in their lives and organizations, but they struggle with how to measure progress and overcome the complex barriers. Whether you are just beginning or well along in your journey, we can help you through the process. Here's a great place to start:

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The RJUC is a collaborative effort by hundreds of Christian leaders and experts across the U.S. We spend hundreds of hours developing our resources so that they can provide you with the greatest amount of help in the least amount of time.

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Based on national research

In 2019-2020, the RJUC helped to facilitate one of the largest studies ever conducted of racial dynamics in U.S. Christianity. It included interviews with 115 leaders and experts in ten cities, a nationally representative survey of 3260 individuals, focus groups with 119 congregants in seven cities, and ethnographic studies of churches in four cities. Our research helps us to effectively address the realities in our organizations and society.

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We help Christians to understand their areas of strength and weakness and determine effective action steps for progress.

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We help Christians to connect with experienced, knowledgeable coaches that can provide personalized help all along the way.

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Organizational change

We help small and large Christian organizations to implement strategies for measuring progress and leading change.

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