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A helping hand

Imagine trying to climb a mountain for the first time without ever learning from an experienced mountain climber. Or, trying to repair a car without ever learning from a mechanic. Or, trying to raise children without ever learning from a parent. Most of us know better than to make those mistakes.

We realize trying to accomplish complex tasks on our own will likely result in pain, frustration, and failure. However, when it comes to working toward racial justice, Christians often try to make progress with little or no mentoring or on-going support by other individuals. Sadly, their efforts typically result in frustration and failure. No amount of resources (books, articles, videos, conferences, etc.) and hard work can substitute for on-going help and encouragement by experienced and knowledgeable individuals.

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"Where can I find a coach?"

We find that many Christians would love to be mentored by an experienced, knowledgeable expert, but they are not sure how to find someone who can help. Our coaching network makes it easy for you to find a qualified coach who will learn about your situation and then provide support and encouragement as you make progress. Your coaching conversations can take place online or face-to-face.

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A great place to start

A great way to start working with one of the coaches in our network is to take our personal or organizational assessments. After you complete the assessments, you can purchase a one hour session with one of our coaches to go over your results. That will help you to get the most out of your time and help you decide if you would like on-going help by the coach.

Questions & Answers

Here is some additional information about our coaching resources. Please contact us if you have additional questions.