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A few of the benefits

Here are a few of the many benefits of joining the RJUC Coaching Network...

  • Help individuals, Christian organizations, and our society to promote racial justice and unity.
  • Use the full version of our assessment resources with coworkers, clients, organization members, etc.
  • Grow as a coach through training, partnerships, and relationships with other coaches.

If you chose to advertise your coaching services publicly in our network, you can also...

  • Find individuals and organizations across the U.S. who can benefit from your services.
  • Earn some additional income (who can't use that?)
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How the network works

Here's how we typically connect clients and coaches...

  1. Client chooses a coach: Clients can browse our online directory or work with an RJUC staff member to select a coach.
  2. Client pays fee: Clients pay a connection fee (typically $50) to the RJUC.
  3. RJUC sends email: RJUC sends an email to the client and the coach with a description of the services requested. The client and coach then work out the cost, timing, deliverables, format, etc.
  4. Services completed: Coach provides services according to the terms.
  5. Client pays coach: Client sends payment for services directly to the coach. RJUC does not receive a percentage of the coaching fees.
  6. Client leaves feedback: If they like, clients can submit feedback or a referral for a coach with the RJUC. Any feedback is reviewed by the RJUC team and also provided to the coach.

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