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One of the biggest challenges with working toward racial justice and unity is effectively measuring progress. How do we know if we're heading in the right direction? What can we do to make progress? Our research-based assessment tools can help you answer those questions. The best way to learn about our assessments is to use them! When you finish, you will receive free versions of our assessment reports. See below for details.

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Personal Assessment

  • Our Personal Assessment typically takes about 15 minutes to complete.
  • At the end, you will receive a free report with your scores in 8 key categories. You will also have the option to schedule an appointment with a coach in our network. During the appointment, the coach will provide you with a full report which includes your scores in 36 key categories.
  • A full report and coaching appointment costs approximately $200 (depending on which coach you select).
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Organization Assessment

Click below to watch a short (5min) video explaining how our assessments can help Christian organizations.

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Focus Groups

Focus groups are another effective way to measure racial dynamics in an organization. Combining assessment results (quantitative) and focus groups (qualitative) can provide a more comprehensive picture than either approach on its own. Focus groups capture stories, emotions, and personal experiences in ways that are not possible through an online survey. Please contact us to learn how our team can help your organization collect and analyze focus group data.

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Campus Climate Survey

Since 2006, the RJUC's parent organization (Renew Partnerships) has enjoyed working with many Christian colleges and universities across the U.S. Through those experiences, we have developed a climate survey which is especially focused on dynamics in Christian higher education. Campus climate surveys can be facilitated through the RJUC or Renew Partnerships.

Learn more on the Renew Partnerships website

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