Thank you for your interest in applying to be an RJUC Coach. Please complete the steps below and then click the link at the bottom to begin your application.

Ask former clients to submit referrals: Please send a message like the following to former clients. We recommend contacting as many former clients as possible to reach three referrals as quickly as possible. If you receive more than three, that's great. You can enter them as well.

I am applying to be a part of the RJUC Coaching Network. The RJUC requires referrals by former clients as a part of the application process. Would you be willing to submit a brief referral for me? If so, please use the form at If not, no problem. Please let me know so I can ask someone else. Thanks!

Confirm you have at least three referrals: When the client submits the form at, you will be emailed a copy of their submission. You will need to receive at least three referrals before starting the application.

Gather work and education experience: You will be asked to submit your previous education and work experiences. If possible, we recommend that you have an up-to-date resume on hand to be able to quickly fill out the application.

Gather photo: You will need to upload a headshot you would like displayed on your coach profile (viewable by the public). The image should be square, a minimum of 600x600 pixels, and a JPG or PNG file type. You can crop your image to a square using an online tool like Here is a brief video that shows the steps. The photo should contain you (alone) in the center. Here is an example photo.

Write a summary of your experience: You will be asked to enter a response of up to 1000 characters to the prompt, "Describe your experience and training regarding coaching individuals and organizations in the area of racial dynamics." It is best to write the summary in a word processor with spelling and grammar checks and then paste your response into the application.

START THE APPLICATION: After you have collected the above items, please do the following to start the application. We recommend using a computer, rather than a cell phone or tablet, for filling out the application.

  • If you DO have an account on You may have previously created an account on to view assessment reports, etc. In that case, look in the top right corner of this website. If you see "MY ACCOUNT" in the top right corner, then you are logged in and can begin the application. If you see a "LOG IN" button in the top right corner, please login to your account. Then, return to this page and hit refresh, confirm "MY ACCOUNT" is in the top right corner, then begin the application.
  • If you DO NOT have an account on Please begin the application. You will create an account as a part of the process.