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I am trusting God to cultivate repair and restoration for mutual flourishing in the shalom of Jesus. Serving on the Cultural Journey team of the Navigators (a disciplemaking ministry), I help followers of Jesus grow in the areas of race, ethnicity and culture. I walk with individuals and groups through coaching, developing and facilitating relevant resources.

Having spent 12 years of my childhood in Kazakhstan, my special interests include coming alongside those who have multi-cultural perspectives and those who have lived internationally.

Three things that inform my personal journey, ongoing growth and my work with others include:

- The impact of racial trauma in all of our bodies

- Exploring our own stories and histories

- Lament as a spiritual discipline

In my free time you will find me reading, reeling on toes as I Scottish Country Dance, or willing my fledgling flower garden to grow in Minneapolis, where I live with my husband Luke.

Areas of Expertise

Individual 1 on 1 coaching
Other Organizations
Christian K-12 School
Christian Colleges

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In your proposal, please include:

1. In one sentence, what you are hoping to gain from our session(s) and how many sessions you want to start with

2. Approx. availability (eg. daytime/weeknights/weekends)

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Payment Info

My hope is to make coaching accessible to those who are ready to engage more deeply in their growth in this area. Whatever you can pay, I’m glad to partner with you in your growth!

Below you will see a suggested range for you to submit a proposal in. Before you submit your proposal for working together, please consider:

  • If finances are tight: Finances should not be a barrier to you having someone walk with you in growth. Please feel free to communicate in your proposal if your circumstances don’t meet the suggested range, and you can base your proposal on what you can afford.

  • If your financial circumstances allow: Putting money into our growth can be a way to both invest in and motivate us in our journey. Please consider what amount in the suggested range you can pay and submit a proposal based on this.

Payments of all amounts will be contributing towards my family’s goal to increase affordable housing in our neighborhood by converting our home into affordable multi-family housing.

Session Options

Initial Session to Discuss Full Assessment Report (Video conference or in-person in south Minneapolis if local to the Twin Cities)

  • 1 Session (1.5hour) Meet and discuss your results, questions you have and identify one area to focus your next step in and set a goal to do so. Suggested proposal range: $100-150

Ongoing Coaching Options (Video conference or in-person if local to the Twin Cities)

  • Single Sessions (1 hour) Suggested proposal range: $75-$125

  • Package of 3 Sessions (1 hour each) Suggested proposal range: $200-$350/total

  • Additional multi-session packages can be arranged, following an initial 1-2 sessions to establish goals.


Rachel Cheng
Partnership Liaison, Discipling for Development Atlanta - The Navigators
Anna is on the Cultural Journey Team with The Navigators and helps lead regular discussions about ethnic, racial, and cultural journeys with other Navigator staff. She has expertly used a variety of books, movies, podcasts, and other platforms to spark deep conversations that encourage growth among participants. She has used this format to truly explore diversity - we've explored life from numerous perspectives such as the Filipino-American experience, those without homes, native and indigenous voices, and refugee stories. Every discussion has illuminated my understanding of how diverse our world really is! I personally have also leaned into Anna as a resource for navigating difficult conversations with others whose opposing worldviews have created complexities in our relationships. She's walked me through a difficult conflict with a supporter and even helped me process conversations about race with my parents. Her heart is for justice for all people. It's evident in every interaction
Maralee Whitey
Staff in Training - The Navigators
Anna has been a great mentor to me and has seen me and known me as a minority staff within our organization in a great way. I met Anna at one of our organizational conferences. One of the parts of this conference, headed by Anna, was a cultural experience where we went to the Indian Pueblo Cultural Center. Since I am Indigenous, Anna made sure to check that I would feel comfortable discussing this in a room of people from predominantly majority culture. Anna also asked great, respectful, questions regarding my cultural background that made me feel proud and excited to share. Additionally, Anna visited me on a work trip and we were able to talk about some things that had been difficult for me within our organization. I shared how I was feeling unseen as a minority staff and how I was trying to reconnect to my background. Anna suggested some resources for me to check out and some practices to keep myself centered such as connecting with other diverse staff. It was a huge encouragement!
Lucy :) Squires
Training Director and Field Staff - The Navigators- Discipling for Development
Anna would be an amazing asset to your team and organization. She has been one of my greatest teachers. I first encountered Anna's expertise and leadership when she led a portion of one of my training classes when I was joining The Navigators. She asked such intentional, thoughtful questions about the material she was teaching us and created a safe and welcome environment for everyone to participate and learn. I enjoyed Anna so much that for the next 4 years I intentionally sought out her advice as our team was building our own training programs. When she started leading another initiative focused on cross-cultural engagement and learning, I voluntarily joined to sit under Anna's tutelage once again. Anna would be a valuable addition to your team because she operates as a learner first, meaning that she operates with humility and seeks to thoroughly understand the context and content of what she is teaching and where she is leading. There is so much more to share; see for yourself. :)

Work Experience

Cultural Journey Developer
The Navigators - Minneapolis, MN
March 2020 - Current

Meet with individuals (staff, ministry partners, and others) one-to-one to coach them in their growth and for mutual encouragement and growth in our cultural journeys in official and unofficial capacities.

Facilitate growth groups and Bible studies that engage in topics of race, ethnicity and culture from a gospel-centered perspective, seeking the flourishing of all people.

Connect with people newly returning to the US from years living abroad to help them process their questions about racial dynamics in the midst of their re-entry, and consider how our international experiences can both shed light on and hinder understanding of the context in the U.S.

COVID-19 Rapid Response RN and Call Team Supervisor
North Dakota Department of Health - Bismarck, ND
May 2020 - July 2021

Led and trained a team of nurses to compassionately and effectively communicate with diverse community members, empowering them to be healthy in a time of confusion and mistrust.

Intern and International Mentor-in-Training
Discipling for Development (a ministry of The Navigators) - Colorado Springs, CO
September 2013 - March 2020

Facilitating adult-learning style workshops and coaching, and engage in community-centered, holistic development in 8 countries in East Africa, Southeast Asia, North America and Eastern Europe has impacted my understanding of cross-cultural partnership, learner-centered growth and how our experiences shape our understanding of the Gospel and racism.

Registered Nurse, Labor and Delivery
Parkview Medical Center - Pueblo, CO
November 2009 - July 2013

Coming alongside individuals to empower them right where they were at in a stressful time has influenced my facilitation and coaching.


Bachelors - Bachelor of Science in Nursing
New Mexico State University - Las Cruces, NM
August 2005 - Current