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After serving with a campus ministry for nine years in the Middle East, New York City, and Columbus, Ohio, my wife and I founded Renew Partnerships, a ministry focused on helping Christians to have a biblical, effective approach to racial dynamics. Since that time (2005), our team has provided training, research, and coaching for thousands of Christians and hundreds of Christian organizations across the U.S. From 2018-2020, I directed a major national study of racial dynamics in U.S. Christianity in partnership with the Barna Group, lead researchers Drs. Glenn Bracey and Michael Emerson, and hundreds of experts (see Since 2018, I have helped to lead the Racial Justice and Unity Center (RJUC). I have enjoyed participating in a wide variety of projects related to racial dynamics including personal mentoring, coaching organizational leaders, designing and facilitating research, measuring racial climate in organizations, conducting focus groups, collaborative projects, and more.

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If you are interested in working with me, please submit a proposal then we can schedule a time to discuss your goals. If I can be of help, I will send a quote for services. Thanks!


Ashley Weinard
Clerk of Session - Blacknall Memorial Presbyterian Church
Chad facilitated a two-day racial justice training for our church officers and elders. The training was well-paced, interactive, scripture-based, deeply informative, and thought provoking. Chad helped us establish some attainable goals for our time together and he adapted his content to fit the unique needs of our organization. He and his colleague Michaela encouraged our participants to ask questions, debate, and share personal experiences. They created a safe space for open dialogue and modeled how to listen and engage in difficult conversations. At the end of the meeting, they helped our team consider next steps for our organization and provided support resources that we can share more broadly with our congregation and partners. I would highly recommend engaging Chad as a coach, advisor, or training facilitator.
Peter Denton
Head of School - Trinity School of Durham and Chapel Hill
Chad Brennan has co-led numerous (at least four) two-day sessions of Renew Training for our faculty and staff. The sessions were all well planned and executed. Chad and Michaela are an excellent team, modeling upfront the love, humility, honesty, and friendship that the training is trying to promote. Each session was informative (Chad does a great job of digesting and translating a lot of material in this expansive field), deeply rooted in Scripture, and a hospitable learning experience.
Steve Theodore
Chief Operating Officer - University of Mary Hardin-Baylor
Chad led a training session for our senior leadership team, conducted quantitative and qualitative research, offered observations and action steps, and assisted with the creation of our action plan. He has a balanced, Spirit-led approach to racial issues that focuses on Biblical principles and best practices. He is also skilled at understanding and interpreting statistical data. I recommend his services and believe that they are likely to reap long-term change for individuals and organizations.

Work Experience

Founder and Director
Renew Partnerships - Dublin, Ohio
January 2007 - Current
Our ministry is focused on helping Christians to have a biblical, effective approach to racial dynamics. We have provided training, research, and coaching for thousands of Christians and hundreds of Christian organizations across the U.S.
Director of the Race, Religion, and Justice Project (RRJP)
North Park University - Chicago, IL
January 2019 - December 2020
The RRJP was a collaboration between the Barna Group; the Racial Justice and Unity Center; lead researchers Drs. Glenn Bracey and Michael Emerson; and Lilly Endowment. The RRJP is one of the largest studies of racial dynamics in US Christianity that has been conducted. It consisted of interviews with 115 leaders and experts in ten cities, a nationally representative survey of 3,260 individuals, focus groups with 119 congregants in seven cities, and ethnographic studies of churches in four cities. A collaboration team of over 200 experts and leaders helped with the project. For details visit
Field Staff
Cru - Middle East | Queens, NY | Columbus, Ohio
August 1996 - May 2005
Provided leadership for campus ministries on a wide variety of campuses. Providing coaching and mentoring for students, volunteers, and ministry partners.


Masters - Master of Arts in Theological Studies (MA/TS)
Trinity Evangelical Divinity School - Chicago, Illinois
August 2007 - June 2019
Bachelors - Civil Engineering
Ohio State University - Columbus, Ohio
September 1992 - June 1996


Book: Faithful Antiracism (March 2022)

I coauthored this book with Dr. Christina Edmondson. It was published in 2022 by InterVarsity Press. The book is focused on biblical principles, current research, key concepts, and practical action steps for Christians seeking to work toward racial justice in the U.S.
Four Essential Questions to Ask About Our Views on Racial Justice (February 2022)

In this article published by Christianity Today, I shared four questions that I have found to be essential for my own growth and for helping others to grow in the area of racial justice: What does the Bible say about social justice? What is influencing my views on racial justice? Do I have an accurate understanding of past and current racial realities? Is my clarity on this issue hindered by groupthink?
Reading the Bible Through Racial Lenses (Feb 2022)

In this article published by the Barna Group, I look at a few of the many ways our racial identity can have a powerful influence on how we interpret and apply the Bible. I provide some historical examples of how cultural influences can lead us to hold onto false beliefs about God's desires and the Bible's teachings. I challenge readers to seek out individuals that can help them to avoid twisting Scripture to conform to our views and desires.
White Christians and Racial Justice (June 2020)

In this article published by Relevant Magazine, I shared some of the past and current forces that often shape White Christians' views and practices toward racial justice. I challenge readers to allow the teachings in the Bible to shape our views and practices rather than political leaders or media outlets.