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Colorado Springs, CO
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I work each day toward discipling staff throughout the organization, helping them discover their own cultural identity and to see, value, and disciple people of all ethnicities by providing opportunities and tools to continue their personal journeys of growth in cultural competence and sensitivity with people from all social economic backgrounds, and cultures. I have a great love and passion to bridge the cultural gap, to nurture and see individuals flourish in their gifts and talents. My desire is to see hearts transformed and to develop culturally informed disciplemakers. I have been privileged to have been able to meet throughout my organization, people from diverse ethnicities, cultures, and backgrounds. The journey has not always been easy. The topic of race and injustice never is particularly when the conversation is with people who might not be ready to enter in those types of conversations because facing truth and reality is tough.

Areas of Expertise

Christian Colleges
Individual 1 on 1 coaching
Other Organizations


  • Initial Session to Discuss Personal Assessment Full Report ($100): Over the course of 1 hour, we will meet virtually to go over your full report from the Personal Assessment. We will discuss observations from your results and potential next steps for growth.

  • Ongoing Coaching Sessions ($150 per hour): Based on the assessment and established goals, we can determine an estimated number of coaching sessions needed to reach those goals. If not local to Colorado Springs, CO, these coaching sessions will be virtual. If local to Colorado Springs, we can arrange in-person coaching or remain virtual.

  • Non-local In-Person Coaching: If not local to Colorado Springs, CO but desire in-person coaching in a more concentrated form over the course of 1-2 days, I am also willing to travel to do so. Please contact me for availability and a quote.


Wanda G. Anderson
General Counsel, VP of Cultural & Community Affairs - The Navigators
Ms. Demitta Clausell-Reese was very helpful in bringing a Biblical perspective of justice to our team in the form of curriculum development and seminar training. Our team flourished on the other side of her training as she was able to disseminate information in an accessible and clear manner. Ms. Clausell-Reese is also a local pastor and her shepherd's heart is evident in the way she comes along side struggling team dynamics with the ability to facilitate difficult conversations within teams. Ms. Clausell-Reese is one who will research and study a subject matter so that not only does she become conversant but can also bring a level of expertise that will build trust and make folks amenable to learning new information without fear. She is also excellent with follow-up and providing additional resources to supplement the learning experience. Ms. Clausell-Reese is an exemplary trainer, content developer, relationship manager and has all the requisite qualities to be an excellent coach.
Ellen Susman
Director of Design and Team Coaching - The Navigators
Demitta has educated me on cultural issues informally at work and on a work trip we took together. She is also leading a cultural experience Bible study of which I'm a part. I have learned a lot from her and greatly appreciate her humility and gentle corrections. We have also co-presented several times and I have appreciated her openness, warmth, and professionalism.
Elizabeth Davies
: Associate Director of Develop - The Navigators
I have had the privilege of going through a cultural journey study with Demitta. I have met one-on-one with her, but also in a group, so I have experienced her coaching and facilitating in both of these settings. Given the sensitive nature of the study, Demitta does a great job asking questions, clarifying, and also not making assumptions based on answers that may come across as insensitive. You can tell that she cares about our individual growth. I have grown a lot in this time as it has unveiled many stereotypes and judgments I didn't know I held, but more than that, it has made me look deeper into where they originated, so as to make root changes, not service level changes.

Work Experience

The Navigators - Colorado Springs
November 2016 - Current
• Lead and develop workshops to increase wholehearted partnership with people from all ethnicities and cultures. • Lead key Cultural Journey projects by creating ways to maximize resources developed to help reach the Navigators Organizational goal. • Recruit and develop national trainers, facilitators in communication, multi-cultural awareness, sensitivity, and bias. • Provide one-to-one coaching sessions for staff in their ongoing development. • Collaborate with partners to develop resources vital to the Navigators Organization to increase the minority ethnic contribution and maintain and improve the ongoing cultural competence of Navigator Staff. • Listen and foster open communication through questioning, dialogue, and information sharing to become effective in influencing positive relationships with the Navigators for the continuing cultural journey mission. • Mentoring college students in their discipleship journey. • Supervise Direct Reports and Trainers
Evoqua Water Technologies (Formerly Siemens) - Colorado Springs, CO
January 2012 - January 2016
• Prepare process of creating custom Operations and Maintenance Manuals for Custom projects for major U.S. and international corporations. • Create work instructions and process flow charts using Microsoft Visio for process development. • Collaborate with Product Managers and Sales Support to build viable content for communications collateral to produce brochures, datasheets, event displays, and corporate design. • Conduct market research for determining brand perceptions, understanding customer needs, evaluating market penetration and analyzing competitors.
Muscular Dystrophy Association (MDA) - COLORADO SPRINGS
January 2002 - January 2012
• Assist in the supervision and training of the MDA Fundraising Programs and Recruiters • Recruit and secure donors for MDA Fundraising programs. • Disability Awareness Coordinator for School presentations and special awareness events and activities throughout the Southern Colorado Region.


Bachelors - Business Administration / Management
American Intercontinental University - Chicago, IL
January 2010 - Current
Associate - General Studies
Pikes Peak State College - Colorado Springs, CO
January 1978 - Current


Kindred Bible Study (September 2022)

Kindred is a Bible study resource created by the Navigators to take journey of discovery into their own cultural identity and cultivate relationships with people from other cultural backgrounds, learning to value our diversity as they grow in their understanding of culture. It's timely in light of the strife-ridden cultural moment we live in. Kindred explores such questions as: What has always been on God's heart for humanity in all of our diversity? What is God's remedy for the hostilities that divide us form Him and from another? How is God at work in my own mindset and feelings around the questions of ethnicity? Kindred Bible study is just one step in the direction of understanding what God has to say about culture and race. Imago Dei. The Image of God. The bond that links all human beings together - we are each created in the image of God.
Conversations on Race & God's Heart for Justice (January 2020)

Racial tension and injustice have always been present and powerful in our country and worldwide. Many of us find ourselves overwhelmed or confused by what we’re experiencing in the aftermath of the killings of George Floyd, Ahmaud Arbery, Breonna Taylor, and others. As followers of Jesus, we know we need to engage in conversations and move toward healing, but we don’t know where to start. Maybe that’s you, or maybe not. Either way, we want to see you resourced for this moment, if possible.
What Dr. Martin Luther King Day Means to Me (January 2024)

A conversation between my husband and I as we reflected on memories of childhood centered on Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Recalling the real and raw emotions we felt then, stirred a mixture of feelings we both realized had been suppressed. This was a moment necessary and allowed us to realize as Christ following adults who love God, that He has opened our hearts and understanding of His love, forgiveness and pain and how to share this love with others. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. was a man of God, who loved all humanity.