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Norfolk, VA
L1 Training
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I started training and coaching with The Navigators about 4 years ago as a part of the Navigators cultural initiative. During this time I began training small group sessions. I also work with several individuals in one on one coaching. I currently direct the Navigators Cultural Journey Team. This team is responsible for developing culturally informed disciple-makers. I also have started coaching churches in my local area.

Areas of Expertise

Christian Colleges
Christian K-12 School
Individual 1 on 1 coaching
Other Organizations


If you are interested in working with me, please submit a proposal then we can schedule a time to discuss your goals. If I can be of help, I will send a quote for services. Thanks!


Terry Wichert
U.S. Field Director - The Navigators
Terry will be submitting his reference by the link provided.
Jim Gassaway
Branch Leadership Team - The Navigators
Felton assisted in the development of a Bible study which our US Navigator staff will be using as crucial material to build cultural awareness and sensitivity. There are roughly 1,500 US Navigator Staff. He was part of the initial Beta Test and is currently leading this study with members from three local churches. Felton was selected by our National Leaders to head our Cultural Development and has already begun leading a team of staff who will also bring training to our staff throughout the country. Felton has assisted in my personal development in the area of racial awareness and reconciliation as well as cultural development. He has been a significant voice of wisdom for our Tidewater Staff Team consisting of 15 couples.
Wanda Anderson
General Counsel & VP of Cultural and Community Affairs - The Navigators
Wanda will be submitting his reference by the link provided.

Work Experience

Director of Cultural Journey
The Navigators - Colorado Springs
May 2022 - Current
I am currently in this position and I direct the Navigators Cultural Journey Team. This team is responsible for developing culturally informed disciple-makers.
Cultural Development Trainer
The Navigators - Colorado Springs
June 2019 - April 2022
I was responsible for training staff in the area of culture development.


Masters - Education- Administration and Supervision
Regent University - Virginia Beach, VA
August 2015 - Current
Masters - Divinity
Liberty Baptist Theological Seminary - Lynchburg, VA
June 2011 - Current
Masters - Education- Curriculum and Instruction
Averett University - Danville, VA
August 2009 - Current
Bachelors - Health & Physical Education
Norfolk State University - Norfolk, VA
August 1992 - Current




I was a part of the team that design the Kindred Bible study. This is a comprehensive Bible study-based resource that The Navigators offer our staff to take next steps in our cultural journeys. It’s timely considering the strife-ridden cultural moment we live in. Kindred explores such paramount questions as: • What has always been on God’s heart for humanity in all our diversity? • What is God’s remedy for the hostilities that divide us from Him and from one another? • How is God at work in my own mindset and feelings around the questions of ethnicity which swirl in and around me today?


I was a part of the team to design Conversations on Race and God's Heart for Justice. This resource helps create opportunities for participants to talk about race and justice—and through that, to encounter the God of the Bible, the God of inclusion and justice who has called us to make disciples of all nations (Matt. 28:19-20). Our response to this issue will affect our impact on this generation of disciple-makers.
How Disciplemaking Combats Racism


This was an article I wrote for the Navigators in February 2020 about using discipleship to help Christians who have not gained freedom from the sin of racism.