Kevin Holland

Burbank, CA

Meet Kevin Holland

As a pastor within the International Churches of Christ, I’ve had opportunities to coach individuals and organizations in the area of rational dynamics for decades. I’ve served as the lone African-American regional church leader in the Los Angeles Family of Churches.

I have facilitated countless crucial conversations among members of various races, and conducted training in cultural competency and sensitivity. I have taught through Stamped from the Beginning by Ibram X. Kendi and The Color of Compromise by Jemar Tisby in various groups of congregants in our church. I have also worked extensively with the Social Cultural Unity and Diversity Task Force. There are SCUAD chapters in many of our churches that work toward racial equity, understanding, and reconciliation.

I am also a part of the Disciples Working to Abolish the New Jim Crow coalition, Be the Bridge (Latasha Morrison’s organization) racial reconciliation groups, and Disciples Pursuing Justice.

Areas of Expertise

Christian Colleges
Christian K-12 School
Individual 1 on 1 coaching
Other Organizations



Mike Stephen
Elder and Chairperson of the LAICC Board of Directors - Los Angeles International Church of Christ
Kevin Holland has served our church as one of the only African-American lead ministers in the Los Angeles International Church of Christ for over two decades. He leads a multi-ethnic ministry known for their unity. I had the opportunity to join a weekly midweek series that he was leading during the social unrest that occurred in 2020. He did an amazing job in teaching, facilitating discussions, and in helping us to deepen our understanding of one another through providing a safe place for people to be heard and understood. Kevin was also influential in other ministries during this time as he was willing to speak the truth in love to other leaders. He is excellent in discerning and addressing issues while applying biblical principles and his experience as we discuss issues such as race, cultural humility, gender issues and social justice. I wholeheartedly recommend Kevin as a coach for an organization that desires to develop in areas of race, culture, social justice and unity.
Tien Vu
Deacon - Los Angeles International Church of Christ
Kevin shared his vision and deep passion to promote justice for people of color via The Breathing Room Podcast. Being an Asian-American Christian, I was woke and inspired to imitate Kevin's decision to champion the message of the prophets and Jesus to do good and seek justice for those who can't speak up or defend themselves. Kevin said, "Don't look away at the injustices. Say something and do something." He could help you and/or your organization achieve the same goals.
Darius Simmons
Elder - Los Angeles Church of Christ
I have known Kevin Holland for many years. He is a humble man. One of the most amazing contributions that Kevin has made recently was putting together a podcast called "The Breathing Room." This podcast created a space for people of color and faith to come together to have lived experiences acknowledged, to support each other along the journey, and to collectively take a deep breath. This was validating and powerful. So many of those who listened were changed and impacted in powerful ways.

Work Experience

Senior Pastor
Turning Point Church - Sherman Oaks
January 1999 - Current
As a pastor within the International Churches of Christ, I’ve had opportunities to coach individuals and organizations in the area of rational dynamics for decades.


Masters - Theology
Harding School of Theology - Memphis, TN
January 2006 - March 2012


The Breathing Room Podcast

This is a space where people of color and faith can come together to have our lived experiences acknowledged, witness each other's journeys, and take a collective deep breath.