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Detroit, MI
L1 Training
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I am committed to the hard but beautiful struggle of racial justice and unity. For over 20 years I have worked with groups and individuals as they grapple with racial dynamics in their organizations and every day lives. I have designed and facilitated workshops, presentations, curriculums, discussion groups, short-term & long-term learning experiences, action plans for individuals and large-scale organizational change strategies. All of this is rooted in the reconciling work of The Gospel and flows from decades of personal study as well as from the experience of sharing life together in an interracial intentional community. A unifying theme I see in this work is this: That which gets us started on the journey is often something painful (conflict, division, failure, anger, guilt, wounds, confusion), but what keeps us moving forward are the good things of God (restoration, redemption, love, joy, a fuller, richer understanding of The Kingdom). Shalom.

Areas of Expertise

Other Organizations
Christian K-12 School
Individual 1 on 1 coaching


  • Initial Session to Discuss Personal Assessment Full Report:

    (Video conference or in-person if location allows). Over the course of 1 hour, we will meet to go over your full report from the Personal Assessment. We will discuss observations from your results and potential next steps for growth. ($100)

  • Additional Coaching Sessions:

    1 hour sessions where we continue discussing your assessment as well as a path forward, personally and/or organizationally. This will be tailored to your specific needs and desires.

  • 1 Session ($120/hr for 1 session)

  • 3 Sessions Package ($100/hr for 3 sessions)

  • 6 Sessions Package ($90/hr for 6 sessions)


Additional Services (prices and details vary, inquire for specifics).

  • In-Person Coaching for long distance clients

  • Developing Curriculum, Bible Study or Training Materials

  • Facilitating Panel Conversations

  • Conflict Mediation

  • Small Group Sessions

  • Large Group Sessions


Linda Haralson
Representative / Coordinator of Staff Care - I58 and Discipleship for Life (DFL)

Matt is an incredible coach that I highly recommend. He has been instrumental in teaching justice and race in our organization. I have benefitted much from knowing and spending time with him. He has opened my understanding about justice and race , changing my views as he modeled well his own willingness to learn. He has the wonderful ability to speak truth in a gentle manner saying difficult things in a way that the individual can accept. He understands and empathizes with where the individual is. Yet he does not hold back from speaking truth. He has extensive study and experiences to draw from and is a go to person for many. He is not afraid to enter into uncomfortable spaces and conversations. Helping the individual is always important. His work in our organization in awaking people regarding justice and race has helped bring significant change. I highly recommend him to your organization as someone I have personally learned and benefited from.

Mark VanAndel
Pastor / Community Leader - Hesed Community Church
Matt was a member of the planning and program team for our "Facing Race" community that initiated a conference and ongoing small group gatherings inviting Christians in Detroit to consider the historical and ongoing effects of racism. His contributions to the teaching and facilitation of that group have been significant. Matt has almost two decades of experience here in Detroit learning and teaching about cross-cultural interactions. Matt brings a non-anxious presence to conversations about racism, while still asking pointed questions and inviting people to move beyond their comfort zone in order to gain understanding and grow in love for other people. Matt also works well with teams of people to involve many people in offering their input while also gently sharing his own wisdom.
Pamala Campbell
Director of Cultural Affairs - The Navigators
Matt joined a team of trainers to provide a three-year extensive training program to over 2,700 staff nationwide. Matt provided counsel, insight into training materials, and supervision and mentorship of fellow trainers. Matt is an excellent listener, patient, understanding, highly skilled in diffusing conflict, and would be an asset to your team.

Work Experience

Field Representative
I58 Navs - Detroit
January 2000 - Current
  • 1997-2003: Worked at Good Works in Athens, Ohio in several positions as a volunteer and an employee. Good Works describes themselves as a “Community of Hope” with many different ministry initiatives seeking justice, unity, and wholeness especially in relation to poverty and homelessness.

  • 2000 - present: Designed and facilitated workshops on Biblical Justice.

  • 2003 - present: Organized and hosted short term visits to Detroit focusing on cross-cultural immersion and learning for student groups from PWI’s.

  • 2004 - present: Initiated and shepherded an interracial, intentional christian community that continues to grow today. We’re currently a “family” of around 7 households with over 25 people who live daily overlapping lives. We share things as mundane as backyards, lawnmowers and a mini-van and as deep as spiritual rhythms, missional partnership and love for our neighbors. Most of us have been in it together for over a decade, bridging the common divides of lines of race, class, ethnicity, age, and more.

  • 2008- 2014: Designed and facilitated Motor City Summer, a summer long immersion program for college students to live in the city, with a focus on racial justice.

  • 2014-2018: Designed, launched, and facilitated (along with a small team of compatriots) a years long, 3 wave, cultural training process that was carried out nationwide with thousands of Navigator staff. It involved multiple day-long trainings, long term follow-up and discussion groups, and further recommendations / action steps for individual and institutional change.

  • 2015: Conceived and launched Facing Race (along with a small team of folks, mostly from our intentional community). This Detroit-based racial justice ministry began with a local conference on race that funneled into multiple long-term interracial discussion groups. At this point I am only peripherally involved in Facing Race, but it continues to expand its work doing racial justice consulting and training with churches, youth groups, and other organizations.


Bachelors - English
Ohio University - Athens, Ohio
September 1996 - Current